Easy to use mobile app for Apple and Android

Easy Scheduling – Add, cancel, and view current reservations in app or online.

Calendar View – View upcoming & past services to confirm accuracy.

Report Cards – Pictures, descriptions, and a task completion check list are sent after every service and saved in your account.

Notifications – Alerts when your walk is complete or when you have a new message.

Messaging – Chat with your walker or a member of the management team when needed.

Easy Invoicing – View invoice history, make payments, or manage auto-pay.

Care Instructions – Manage contact info and care instructions for all pets in your household to keep everyone up to date and in the loop.


What's New and Exciting at Rain City Dogs!


Knowing the right temperature to walk your dog is important. The heat can already be a burden to humans, but imagine how much worse it is for your dogs. Their thick and wooly coats would be one of the factors why the heat can be worse for them. Being a dog owner it is important to know what is good and bad for them when it comes to exercising under the sun.