Hi! My name is Hunter; I own and operate Rain City Dogs.




Being born and raised in Vancouver and spending my summers on the sunshine coast or camping around BC I’ve had a passion for nature ingrained from day one. Despite being a city girl, I love nothing more than to leave the noise and concrete to smell the moss and hear little more than the wind through the trees. Seeing me in the woods you’d never guess I was raised in the heart of one of Canada’s biggest cities.

My love of dogs started at a young age and seemingly came out of nowhere! My family always had cats (So. Many. Cats.) which meant I was an unlikely candidate to be such a lover of dogs. When I was about ten, growing tired of pretending to have dogs (our cats did NOT like being leashed…), I tried my hand at entrepreneurship starting a local dog walking “business” in my neighbourhood. It didn’t go very well, but it certainly didn’t deter me. I would go to my friends houses and take their dogs out for walks instead. I bonded with a family friend’s 3-legged pup and would cuddle with him for hours while watching hockey games. I didn’t realise it at the time, but something wonderful was budding in my heart while Tripawed and I cheered on the Canucks together.


Dog walking was the first job that I was truly passionate about.

After high school I explored different jobs trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Dog walking was the first job I had that I was truly passionate about. I always knew I wanted to work outside, but throwing dogs into the mix just brought a whole new level of awesome. “Yep, I could do this forever” I thought to myself. I had a few more jobs after that but my mind kept wandering back to dog walking. I decided to head down the awesome path of a dog driven career and started school to become a certified trainer. This was the same year I got Strummer, my Red Heeler. He’s been a beacon of love in my life since. He’s my sidekick, my snuggle-muffin, my little punk.

I’ve learned so much along the way, and each dog I meet seems to teach me something new about their behaviour, quirks, and souls. I’ve proudly dedicated my life to bettering the lives of every dog I meet, no matter what. My passion for good dog stewardship drives me every day. There’s no such thing as a bad dog in my books… just a dog who hasn’t yet found their way. My goal with Rain City Dogs is to help dogs and their people find that way, through love and leadership.

So that’s my story, I look forward to meeting you! I can’t wait to take your fur baby into my heart and care for them as if they were my own!