Let our Rain City Dog Family tell you what all the bark is about!

“Nick and Lucian of Rain City Dogs are very responsible, attentive and kind dog walkers. Zuzu, my English Springer Spaniel, is always eager to get out on her twice per week outings with Rain City and the pack! If would like your dog to have fun and safe outings, send them out with Rain City! I highly recommend them!” – Vanda

Absolutely LOVE Lucian & Hunter! I trust them both with my small dog Willow and I trust VERY few people. I have sent her on the walks and used them for training and both services are and remain essential to owning a dog here in Vancouver! I have worked in the pet industry here in Vancouver for more than 15 years and in my opinion they are THE best! Four paws WAY up 🐾🐾

“We love Hunter! Scraps always has a wonderful time with her and Hunter knows how to make sure the whole pack has fun. Scraps comes home tired and dreams all night about his adventures. Plus Hunter’s photos are beautiful (and have you ever tried to get 5+ dogs to sit at the same time and look in the same direction?!) – Ian & Emma

“Daisy Mae is always so excited to get to go hiking with the Rain City Dogs crew, and I love knowing that she is getting a ton of exercise and play with her buddies while I am at work!” – Darcy

“As a single dog-dad, raising my rambunctious pup without Hunter’s help would be impossible.  I always look forward to Hike Day; I come home to a happy, tired dog every time.  Hunter goes the extra mile to help me with training and grooming advice. Without Hunter, Dillon would be a sniveling, snarling, white-hot ball of canine terror!” – Derek

“As first time dog owners, our easily overstimulated, and poorly socialized rescue puppy was a lot to take on, but Hunter helped us come up with a 100% positive reinforcement training plan, and that in tandem with learning healthy socialization within the stability and structure of hiking with the Rain City Dogs pack, within 3 months we were able to walk him on trails and parks without issue. Two years later, and Whiskey’s weird, playful, energetic personality is able to shine bright and our family is able to have a happy, unrestricted lifestyle.
Hunter definitely puts the well-being and healthy dynamic of her pack first, and it shows in how well they get along and how well they behave. I can say that Whiskey adores every one of the friends in the Rain City Dogs pack, in fact his little nub tail wiggles so hard that his feet actually leave the floor when the truck pulls up outside of our house.Having him exercised and socialized makes it so much easier for us to work with him at home. It reduces his minor bad behaviors significantly and makes our solo trips to the park/trails much more enjoyable because he’s learned how to behave in these environments in the joy and stability of his friend pack.” – Alex & Family