Posted By hunter on Jan 15, 2020 |

When I moved back to Vancouver with my 6 month old shih tzu puppy, I was unable to find an apartment right away, so my little dog bounced around from home to home staying with many of my close friends.  I finally decided she needed something more stable, as she was still growing and learning, so I placed her in the care of my vet, which also offered boarding.  When I went in to visit her she was sleeping in her urine soaked bed and was being taken outside once a day.  (A six month old puppy with a growing bladder needs to go outside much more often than once a day)  As her owner, I knew that she wasn’t in a good place as her character was off. 

I spoke to a few people that worked with dogs who recommended Rain City Dogs to me.  From that point on there was no turning back.  My dog, Luna, just loves visiting Hunter, Strummer and the gang.  Luna stayed with Hunter in her home for over a month and a half at only 6 months old.  In her home, Luna has the freedom to run around freely, she is never caged, she learns new tricks, and goes to the beach or hikes into the mountains off-leash.  Furthermore, because Luna had been moved around so often, her potty training had taken a few steps backwards.  I explained that to Hunter and she had Luna back on track with potty training a bit over a week later.  Luna is always just as excited to see Strummer and Hunter when I drop her off as she is to see me when I pick her up.  Hunter is kind, compassionate and loving to her dogs – when you see them, it’s like looking at a group of dogs and a human that are the best of friends.  I would never in a million years trust any other dog service now that I have seen just how above and beyond Hunter goes in her treatment of her dogs.  If you want your dogs to be looked after, you have a plethora of choices in Vancouver; however, if you want your dog to be looked after and loved – this is it.  Because while they’re with her, they’re just as important as her own dog – they all become “her dogs”.” – Luna & Family