Rain City Dog’s is growing AGAIN & AGAIN! We just can’t help ourselves! we have had so many people interested in our private walks that we needed to add another helping hand! if you are looking for more information on our private walks click here!

and let’s give a warm welcome to Tiesha!

Tiesha has lived in the Lower Mainland for most of her life. A childhood friend of Hunter’s, she is a walking testimonial to the impact Rain City Dogs has on a family’s quality of life! She lives with her Great Dane mix, Kenickie, who became a pro on a leash, after coming to her with no experience as an adult dog. Learning with Rain City gave both owner and dog a whole new arena of adventures neither thought possible! Tiesha has been caring for all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds, since childhood, and can’t resist making new furry friends everywhere she goes.


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