We work as a team so in case someone goes on vacation, their car breaks down or they call in sick we will always keep our promise to you. Because of the way our team works we can not promise the same dog walker every visit. However, If consistency is important to you we recommend booking an ongoing appointment so we can accommodate your request to the best of our ability.

We use a two hour pick-up window

Due to the complexity of our Pup Parent’s varying schedules and the unique challenges of maneuvering through Vancouver in all climates, we reserve a two-hour window around the time of your scheduled walk.   For example, if your pup is scheduled for a 3PM walk, you can expect your walker will arrive sometime between 2PM and 4PM.   This window helps us manage constantly varying schedules, bad weather, toweling dogs off after rainy or snowy days, varying travel times between clients, and of course elevators that sometimes take forever to come for what ever reason.

We offer several options for accessing your home during dog walking visits. You can provide your own key lockbox, or we can provide one for you. We highly recommend using a lockbox as it provides a secure and convenient way for us to access your home. In case of an emergency or if your regular dog walker is unavailable, we have backup walkers who can access your home with the lockbox.

If a lockbox is not possible or allowed, we can also be buzzed in by the concierge or security, or you can provide us with a fob and key. We understand that apartments may have different access procedures, so please let us know if there are any specific instructions we need to follow to gain access to your unit.

If you choose to provide a key, we ask that you provide two keys, one for the walker and one to be kept at our office. This way, we can ensure that we always have access to your home when needed.

We take the security of your home and belongings very seriously, and we always ensure that keys and codes are kept confidential and stored securely. If you have any questions about our access procedures, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

In the event of extreme weather, we may need to modify our walking routine for your dog's safety. We may shorten the walk, take frequent breaks, or play games indoors. We bring gear to keep your dog comfortable in all conditions, and we're always happy to customize our services to meet your dog's individual needs.

After each service is completed, your walker will send you an update by a message within our app (Time To Pet) and you will be informed in particular about bathroom activities, and how your dog was acting throughout the walk. Pictures are included too!

It's a clever way of saying we aren't certified trainers. However, if you are working with a trainer, we will join a session, or speak with them, in order to emulate the important training regiment  for your dog. If you do not have a trainer, we are happy to hear from you about what we should do!

At Rain City Dogs, we are committed to using positive reinforcement (R+) training methods. We believe in the power of positive reinforcement to create a strong bond between you and your furry friend. With R+ training, we focus on rewarding good behavior, rather than punishing unwanted behavior. This method creates a safe and positive learning environment that helps dogs develop good habits and confidence. We are proud to use R+ training methods and look forward to helping your dog become a happy, healthy, and well-behaved companion.

Private Walks

At Rain City Dogs, we understand that not every dog is suited for big group hikes. Whether it’s due to age, temperament, or ability, we want to ensure that every furry friend has the opportunity to get the exercise and care they need. That’s why we’re proud to offer private walks for dogs who are undersocialized, nervous, senior, or adolescent.

This private neighborhood walk is the perfect way to provide your dog with some much-needed attention and exercise while you’re away at work. Our walkers will take your furry friend on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, giving them a much-needed bathroom break and a chance to stretch their legs.

To ensure the best experience for both you and your dog, we’ll start with an initial meet and greet. During this time, we’ll get to know your dog’s likes and dislikes, temperament, and behavior. Our consultations are an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and for us to establish a routine that’s tailored to your dog’s specific needs. 

$35.00 /per
$40.00 /per
$45.00 /per

50% discount for a 2nd household dog / All prices subject to GST.

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