Getting Started

To Start please check the map to the left to make sure we are accepting new dogs in your area.

Click here to set up your basic account within our scheduling program. Once you sign up, we will send you an email to confirm our meet and greet, once we confirm a date a activation link to your client account within our scheduling program will come through and there is some more information we need about you and your dog(s).

At our meeting, we review your pets information to make sure we are ready to get started and make sure you are ready to go with our easy-to-use-app! We also send you our waiver after the appointment – once you have that signed, you are good to go!


Once you’ve done the meet & greet, we are ready to get services started for you. For scheduling us, you have two options:

  • Recurring schedule – we set up a regular schedule for you and you just let us know if you need to change or cancel! Best for the pet parent who wants to make 100% they’ll get into our schedule week after week for their pets’ needs. This schedule will automatically approve every week, so you know you are covered!

  • On-demand – you can request as needed for a walk through the app. Best for the pet parent who has last minute things come up often and want to backup help with their pet on long days. These appointments will show as “pending” for you until we confirm them into our schedule. We do our absolute best to get all of our requested walks into our schedule! The more notice you are able to give us, the higher the guarantee.

Once an appointment is scheduled for you, you’ll be able to see which team member is coming and see the confirmed time of your appointment.


We follow the instructions in your client account to the letter. We reinforce training commands that you have, note specific behaviors, and even flag your account if you have indoor cats so that we know to watch our feet coming in. There is a chat thread in the app where you can let your walker know about a certain change or ask a question.

We also have a manager on duty at all times – so if the walker coming to your appointment has a question, clarification, or issue, they are able to get a manager on the phone immediately to help!

At the end of the visit, you’ll receive a report card from us with detailed information on how the visit went. We also send pictures – guaranteed to brighten any long work day!


Your client account through our app is set up to take credit card, but we also accept cash. You’ll have an invoice in your account for your services. Invoices are sent out everyone Sunday.

Don’t want to have to remember to send it in? No problem – we can run your card for you if you have anything due.

Have a question we didn’t answer? Contact Us Here