Swimming, Exploring and getting dirty is guaranteed with our group walks. Rain City Dogs is known for our group walks and with Rain City Dogs, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Dogs not only require more exercise than us, they also need daily mental stimulation to stay happy and non-destructive. Walking is great for their physical health, while it also stimulates their mind: the smells, sights, and sounds are essential for a happy, healthy dog.

Pick-up, drop-off and towel downs included.

$40 /per

50% discount for a 2nd household dog / All prices subject to GST.

We work as a team so in case someone goes on vacation, their car breaks down or they call in sick we will always keep our promise to you. Because of the way our team works we can not promise the same dog walker every visit. However, If consistency is important to you we recommend booking an ongoing appointment so we can accommodate your request to the best of our ability.

We provide walks during specific time windows. We cannot guarantee a specific arrival time, but we do guarantee we’ll show up during your requested window. 

If you have a townhome or a free-standing home, you’d need to have either a keyless entry for us or a key lockbox on your property.If you live in an apartment where you’re not allowed a key lockbox, then you’d need to provide us with three copies of the key at your initial sign-up process with us. There are a few benefits to the lockbox: if the dog walker assigned to your service has an emergency we have back up walker who will be able to access your home. You also will have the code so if you happen to lock yourself out you can use the lockbox as well! You can purchase your own, or we can provide one.

We walk dogs in every type of weather, including rain, snow and summer heat. However, your dog’s safety is our # 1 priority so we may alter walk lengths to ensure the comfort and health of your dog in the event of extreme cold or heat.