What makes us different?

at Rain City Dogs hikes we have 2 walkers with our crew. we only take Max 12 dogs per hike (that’s 6 dogs per walker) We constantly work on your basic training with your dog while walking and we have over 20+ years experience.

Will my dog be walked off leash?

How does Rain City Dogs get access to my home?

You can provide us with a copy of your key(s) or you may choose to place your key(s) in a secret predetermined location for us to access. Alternatively, you may arrange to be home when we pick up and drop off.

How long are your Hikes?

Will my dog get dirty on a hike?

ABSOLUTELY! We walk rain or shine and most dogs love to get dirty. We ask that you keep a towel handy so that we can dry your dog before we let them into your home. We will do our very best to clean and dry your dog but there is a limit as to how much time we can spend on each dog. We are happy to leave your dog in a designated area if you wish – please just let us know.