I offer a number of services to best suit your needs


3 Hour Rain City Adventures

Busy at work all day?

This is a group adventure around Vancouver for your dog! 2.5-3 hour hikes ensure your dogs will be happy and TIRED at the end of the day! Pick-up, drop-off and towel downs included.
Additional discounts available for a 2nd household dog

$45.00 per

Grrreat for the occasional outing! Includes one 3-hour hike in Vancouver with a group of furry friends!

$40.50 per


(10% off!)

Perfect for the consistent hiker. Includes 10 3-hour hikes in Vancouver with a group of furry friends!

$36.00 per


(20% off!)

Ideal for the Fur-equent flyer*! Includes 20 3-hour hikes in Vancouver with a group of furry friends!

*20% discount only available for 3+day/week clients


Going out of town?

It can be unnerving to leave your loved one with a stranger. At Rain City, we offer an exclusive homestyle experience for your pup. You can truly relax on your vacation knowing your loved one is getting great exercise daily and a warm lap to snuggle on in the evenings. Let your pup have their own vacation while they stay with us! Each day includes a spot on the daily hike.

(Prices vary for Statutory holidays)

(Deposit may be requested for puppies and special needs dogs)

$75.00 per day

$70.00 per day

$65.00 per day

Terms & Conditions

  • In order to qualify for the walks and training we require proof of up-to date vaccinations and licensing for all dogs to ensure their safety while using our services.
  • I believe in having a bonding period to ensure your pal learns to trust me to keep everyone safe! This comes in a face to face consultation and (optional) neighbourhood walk with you and your pooch with me, as well as the first few walks to be on-leash (15ft training leash) at my discretion to ensure their recall is adequate and our relationship is forged.
  • All walks will be on leash unless in a designated off-leash park with demonstrated recall.
  • By agreeing to have your dog off-leash you are accepting full responsibility for his or her actions while out with Rain City Dogs. I will always, to the best of my ability, work to ensure the safety of my dogs above all else. I am canine First Aid certified, Canine behaviour certified, insured, and bonded.
  • Any city issued tickets incurred for being unlicensed, unruly, or otherwise, is the sole responsibility of the dog’s owner. Checks will be done and if noticed that a dog isn’t tagged the owner will be alerted, however responsibility is on the owner to keep up to date. Likewise a licence lost during a Rain City Dogs outing is not the responsibility of Rain City Dogs.
  • A dog showing adequate recall is something that I absolutely work on and reward, but is ultimately not my responsibility to teach as a caretaker. Freedom is a privilege for my pack, not a right.
  • If a dog is displaying rude behaviour or lack of command, I maintain the authority to keep him or her on-leash as long as deemed necessary for the safety of all of Rain City Dogs, citizens of the City of Vancouver, and myself.
  • All prices subject to GST.