I offer a number of services to best suit your dog


3 Hour Rain City Adventures

This is a group adventure around Vancouver for your dog! 2.5-3 hour hikes ensure your dogs will be happy and TIRED at the end of the day! Pick-up, drop-off and towel downs included.
Additional discounts available for a 2nd household dog

$40.00 per

Grrreat for the occasional outing! Includes one 3-hour hike in Vancouver with a group of furry friends!

$36.00 per


(10% off!)

Perfect for the consistent hiker. Includes 10 3-hour hikes in Vancouver with a group of furry friends!

$32.00 per


(20% off!)

Ideal for the Fur-equent flyer! Includes 20 3-hour hikes in Vancouver with a group of furry friends!

30 Minute Private Walks

*UPDATE FEB.2017* Due to time constraints, Private walks are currently unavailable. I’m working hard to get them back up and running as soon as possible! Please email for further details and to be put on the wait-list so you’ll be guaranteed a spot when they start up again!
If your loved one isn’t up for a full day adventure, I offer half hour private walks around your neighbourhood. Very young or old, reactive or injured dogs will benefit from this short stroll as it allows them to eliminate and experience stimulation while you’re at work.

$30.00 per

Includes one private 30 minute neighbourhood walk

$27.00 per


(10% off!)

Includes 10 private 30 minute neighbourhood walks

$24.00 per


(20% off!)

Includes 20 private 30 minute neighbourhood walks

Behavioural Training

I am equipped with loads of methods to best suit your dogs needs in learning! Initial training sessions include a complimentary half hour in home consultation. I use positive reinforcement meaning your dog will learn to enjoy behaving for you!

$65.00 per

Includes one private 1 hour behavioural training session.

$58.50 per


(10% off!)

Includes 5 private 1 hour behavioural training sessions.

Terms & Conditions

  • In order to qualify for the walks and training we require proof of up-to date vaccinations and licensing for all dogs to ensure their safety while using our services.
  • I believe in having a bonding period to ensure your pal learns to trust me to keep everyone safe! This comes in a face to face consultation and (optional) neighbourhood walk with you and your pooch with me, as well as the first few walks to be on-leash (15ft training leash) at my discretion to ensure their recall is adequate and our relationship is forged.
  • All walks will be on leash unless in a designated off-leash park with demonstrated recall.
  • By agreeing to have your dog off-leash you are accepting full responsibility for his or her actions while out with Rain City Dogs. I will always, to the best of my ability, work to ensure the safety of my dogs above all else. I am canine First Aid certified, Canine behaviour certified, insured, and bonded.
  • Any city issued tickets incurred for being unlicensed, unruly, or otherwise, is the sole responsibility of the dog’s owner. Checks will be done and if noticed that a dog isn’t tagged the owner will be alerted, however responsibility is on the owner to keep up to date. Likewise a licence lost during a Rain City Dogs outing is not the responsibility of Rain City Dogs.
  • A dog showing adequate recall is something that I absolutely work on and reward, but is ultimately not my responsibility to teach as a caretaker. Freedom is a privilege for my pack, not a right. With that said, if you’re having difficulty training recall, my private sessions are a great option for learning!
  • If a dog is displaying rude behaviour or lack of command, I maintain the authority to keep him or her on-leash as long as deemed necessary for the safety of all of Rain City Dogs, citizens of the City of Vancouver, and myself.
  • All prices subject to GST.