Who am I?

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A local dog walker and trainer with Vancouver’s dogs in mind.

What ever your dog’s personality, I am set up so you know they’re having a better day than you while you’re at work! Whether your pup needs to be out of the house most of the day on my 3 hour Mountain runs, or just a short walk to do their business in the morning or afternoon, I can help!

I have Radio Frequency (R-F) tracking to ensure your dogs safety while out on the North shore, and I am certified in Canine First Aid through DogSafe.

I apply training to dogs from all walks of life; young, old, hyper, lazy, friendly, aggressive, as well as those suffering from all sorts of behavioural issues.

Whatever your needs – be it general obedience, separation anxiety, leash aggression, reactivity or even parlour tricks, I’m happy to help!

Check back often as I’m constantly on the lookout for new methods and tricks so I can pass them on to fellow dog lovers.

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